Ever wonder how an author is supposed to build a platform before they even have a book out? The answer is easier than you might think!

YOU get to decide what kind of writer you will be—and we’re not talking about genre! We’re talking about how you react to different parts of the writer’s life and the attitude with which you face it.

From query to your umpteenth project, how to get an editor’s attention and keep it (in the right way) until you’ve made yourself a house favorite.

Great for beginners and intermediate writers, this class examines “The Rules” of modern fiction, why we should learn them, and when we get to chuck them out the window for the sake of our art.

Are you writing issue-driven fiction? If so, you ought to be aware of the pitfalls and strengths, and how to get your message across without alienating your readers.

In today’s publishing climate, there are so many options that sometimes a writer just doesn’t know which is right for them. Vanity? Indie/self-publishing? Small press? Big publisher? As someone who has worked with all of these, I’ll break down the differences, highlighting the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision for YOU.

A look at how Roseanna takes a concept from first spark through a finished manuscript, with some focus on how other successful writers work as well.

From the perspective of both a writer and a publisher, Roseanna takes you through how to craft a marketing plan that will get a pub board’s attention.

As someone who wears a lot of hats, I frequently get asked how I balance everything. This class will take […]

Learn the difference between series types, genre expectations, and how to keep interest and tension flowing from one book to another.