Ever wonder how an author is supposed to build a platform before they even have a book out? The answer is easier than you might think!

From the perspective of both a writer and a publisher, Roseanna takes you through how to craft a marketing plan that will get a pub board’s attention.

As someone who wears a lot of hats, I frequently get asked how I balance everything. This class will take […]

There are no shortage of marketing methods out there, plenty of advice on how to sell-sell-sell. But what if you don’t want to focus on selling? What if you want to focus on serving your readers? We hear you–and we’re with you!

Selling your writing isn’t about selling at all…it’s about serving your readers. This 90-minute class breaks down the main components of successful identity-based marketing into usable tools and is a great intro to our full, 8-week Identity Marketing course.

Explore the dynamics of adapting your writing practice to fit the changing seasons of your life. Learn strategies for balancing […]

This class focuses not simply on marketing techniques, which are always changing, but on the mental, emotional, and spiritual mindset an author should maintain while marketing.