Who We Are

Classes for Writers is run by husband and wife team Roseanna and David White.

I (Roseanna) have been writing novels since I was a kid and publishing them since I became an adult. At this point, I’ve worked with Harvest House, Bethany House, Guideposts, and the WhiteFire Publishing Group, which David and I own and run together. I would give you a published-novel count, but at this point I’m writing 4-6 books a year, so I’d have to keep updating this paragraph every two months to keep it relevant, so…let’s just say it’s dozens and growing continually.

I’ve hit bestseller lists. I’ve won a Christy Award (the highest award in the Christian Publishing industry in which I write). I also design book covers and coach other authors through the process of getting their books out there.

David is the publisher and business mind behind the WhiteFire Group, which now has five imprints. For years, that was his side job while he ran his family’s transportation company, but now it’s his entire focus, which he loves. He also has a passion for film. Basically, if it involves using a narrative to touch people’s hearts, he’s there.

Over the years, David searched for a method of growing our company and promoting our authors that was authentic, that embraced our “service, not sales” mentality. He struck gold when he happened across the “Identity Marketing for Filmmakers” course taught by Rob Hardy, who has since become a good friend. Rob gave David permission to take the basics of his course and rework them for authors. Which took a lot of time but was also pretty easy…because it was the same system we’d been using already, just put into teachable steps. He first built out the system for WhiteFire’s authors, but then we decided it was something we’d love to share with others. With YOU.

We now support our family ENTIRELY from our creative endeavors. That means we’re not just PR people who make our living selling advice we ourselves have never had to try (um, yeah, pet peeve, LOL). Every class on this site, every article is based on what we actually DO to make a living at this.

Why We’re Different

Here’s the thing. We’re not about technique. We’re not about tactics. We’re about PHILOSOPHY.

The “what” and “how” of being successful as a creative is going to change constantly. As new social media platforms rise and fall, as algorithms change, as technology evolves and reader expectations drift, the SPECIFICS of what you have to do to meet their needs will change too.

But the philosophy won’t.

Your philosophy as both a writer and someone trying to get your writing out into the world is what will drive every choice you make, every experiment you do, every tactic you try, every word you write. Your personal philosophy is what underlies your every move.

Our goal is to help you understand that. Help you identify who YOU are, so that you can identify WHAT you want to write, HOW you want to write it, WHO you want to reach with it, and HOW you can get it into their hands.

That means that our classes and articles and advice don’t expire. They don’t go out of style. I wrote my first marketing class in 2011, when I had two books out and was just figuring out who I wanted to be as an author. All these years later, that class is still not only relevant, it’s one of my most popular. A marketing class that’s over a decade old! It still works because it didn’t focus on the things that change.

It focused on YOU. On YOUR heart, on YOUR fears, on YOUR why. And those concepts are timeless.

That’s the approach we take with everything, even our “how to write” subjects. Sure, I’ll share my methodology and techniques. But more importantly, I’ll help you focus on application to YOUR writing. My goal as a teacher isn’t to lecture you on a subject. It’s to show you how to make it your own.

What You Get Here

At Classes for Writers, we want to equip you to be the best author you can be. That means paying attention to YOU, as well as your craft. To your REASONS, not just your method. It also means coming alongside you and offering dialogue and conversation.

To that end, we have many ways that you can make use of our material! First, you’ll find free articles about all our favorite subjects. We hope these are helpful and enriching!

We also offer premium articles to our subscribers, where we (especially David) really dive deep into concepts.

Subscriptions can be purchased either for a Writing Track, which gives you access to all premium content and individual classes tagged “Writing”; a Marketing Track, that offers you access to all that for things tagged “marketing”; or the Combo Track that gives you full access to everything.

But don’t worry! If you’re not ready for a subscription, you can still purchase our classes. We have classes on writing, on BEING a writer, on the publishing industry, and on marketing. You can purchase an individual class and have lifetime access to it, you can buy a bundle, or if you can subscribe via our Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual plans, you not only have access to all paid articles, you can also view all single classes for the duration of your subscription.

Then there are our big, multi-part courses. You can purchase these separately; they’re also part of the annual subscription plan. Because of the depth and work that has gone into these, they are NOT available as part of the monthly or quarterly plans.

Subscribers to either Marketing or Combo (on the monthly, quarterly, OR annual plan) will also receive our weekly Marketing “Meal Plan” email, which gives you sample marketing tasks for each week, taking some of the guesswork and planning out of it for you.

We’re Glad YOU’RE Here

This is what we love. And when we find something we love, we love talking about it. Engaging with it. Having deep, meaningful conversations about it.

We hope that’s what you like to do too. If so, you’re in the right place. If not…stick around for a bit and maybe we’ll win you over. 😉

We hope you enjoy exploring are articles and that you’ll find so much value here, you’ll consider joining us through one of our plans. We can’t wait to get to know you and learn what makes your heart beat in the writing world!


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