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by Roseanna M. White & David J. White

Writers … it’s time to become successful authors.

Are you just getting started on your writing journey? Or maybe you already have a book (or ten!) out there, but you need to up your marketing game?

This is the place for you, and we’re so glad you’re here!

Writing is a journey…
take the next step with us.

Marketing. It isn’t a bad word, I promise.

Many writers hate being told they need a platform, and the thought of actually selling what they write makes them break out in hives. But you know what? When you’re doing it right, it not only isn’t a chore, it’s a JOY. (I’m not kidding!) “Marketing” is just about building relationships with people like you. People you can serve in a unique way. People just waiting for the stories you have to tell or the wisdom you have to impart. Explore our articles and classes and learn how!


Classes for Writers is run by Roseanna and David White, a husband and wife team who have experience with just about every aspect of the publishing industry. Roseanna is a bestselling, Christy-Award winning author with dozens of books in print from the Christian publishing industry’s biggest publishers, and David is a marketing expert and publisher at the small press they started in 2005, WhiteFire Publishing.

So why take our classes and courses? Why listen to our marketing advice?

Because we are NOT just marketing or PR professionals trying to sell something to authors without ever having done it ourselves, with our own books. We actually DO THIS and make a living from it. We write the books. We edit them. We design them. We publish them. We market them.

These classes and courses and systems aren’t something we came up with to try to sell to authors. It’s something we came up with to BECOME successful authors; and something we then put into words so we could help other authors do the same.


Whether you’re here for the writing advice or the marketing insights, we’ve got you covered! We have an ever-growing base of both free and premium articles to make your writing successful.

How Writing Shapes Our Worldview and World

Ever wonder what it is in this world that bends our thoughts, shapes our beliefs, and colors the world around us? It's books—more particularly it's stories. The ones we read...and the ones we write. When you look back on most of the people that are responsible for...

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It’s about more than what you write. It’s about who you choose to be.

We believe in giving you tools not just to improve your writing or hone in on your audience, but to build YOU into the kind of writer you really want to be. That’s why many of our Writing Track classes aren’t about the craft…they’re about YOU.

Learn the Publishing Industry

One of the most important things you can do as a writer is learn about the world you hope to work in.

Learn from insiders who have experience as a multi-published author, an editor, and even a publisher in the Publishing and Industry classes in the Writing Track.

And of course…the Craft of Writing!

Only when we take the time to hone our skills do we really honor the dream. Learn about the writing craft from a bestselling, award-winning author who claims that “words are the air I breathe.”

Learn how to write soul-deep characters

Go beyong GMC and character arcs

Fiction Focus

Learn the fiction rules, how to write about issues, how to research, and more.

How to Write a Series

When the fun doesn’t stop with one book, learn how to make the others work!

Settings, Systems, and More

Writing is art, which means there’s no one way to do it…but that doesn’t mean some tips aren’t helpful!

The Course.
The Big One.

 Figuring out who your audience in…and how to engage them…and how to convince them to buy your books without coming off as spammy or sales-y is HARD.

It’s also one of the most rewarding endeavors you’ll ever undertake. That’s why it’s worth spending real time and energy on getting it RIGHT.

Whether you’re just getting started or are an established author, this 8-week course will help you pinpoint who your readers are and how to serve them in the way only you can.

With a video lesson every week and daily emails Monday through Friday with assignments, free-writing, and handouts, this isn’t just a class. This is a the kind of course that will forever change your journey.


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