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Who teaches the courses at Classes for Writers?

Most of the single-class courses are taught by Roseanna M. White; the 8-week Identity Marketing for Writers class is taught by Roseanna and her husband, David White.

What are their credentials?

Roseanna is an award-winning, bestselling author of dozens of novels. She’s also a cover designer with hundreds of book cover credits, an editor, and a general publishing coach for many of her design clients. David is the publisher and marketing guru of the WhiteFire Publishing Group, which has 5 imprints. Most telling, though: they actually support their family from their publishing work! So everything they teach is tried and tested by themselves first.

What are “premium” articles?

We want to bring everyone a wealth of knowledge, so we have lots of free articles on the site that will be hopefully useful to everyone. But we also have articles that go above-and-beyond those “normal” articles, either offering details and insights otherwise unique to our video courses or which took us so much time to write that they earn the “premium” badge. These premium articles are available to anyone who has any subscription.

What if I don’t like the classes I buy?

Classes for Writers offers a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of any course purchase or 14 days of any subscription. Of course we hope you’ll like our methods and philosophy, but if not, there’s no risk!

Are the physical items in your shop returnable?

Most items in our shop are not returnable, solely because they’re supplied from a third party printer and fulfilled directly from them.

How do I log in to view the courses I’ve purchased or subscribed to?

The login link should be at the tip-top right corner of the page, but if for any reason you don’t see it, just go to this link: If the “log in” button appears grayed out, just click into the password field and it’ll jog its memory. If you need to reset your password at any time, just click the “Forgot Password” link.

Once I’m logged in, how do I find my purchases?

Your courses can all be found on the “My Courses” link, which is located at the top of the page or can be found here. If you’ve purchased a physical item like a notebook or cup or book, those purchases can all be found in the My Account tab in the primary menu, or here.

How do I provide feedback for your testimonials or to help you improve the experience?

We love to hear from you! If you’d like to be featured in our testimonials section, please email your comments to tu***@cl***************.com and be sure to include whatever you’d like us to post as your name, including your book or website if relevant. If you run into trouble, don’t like our philosophy, or have general site feedback, we welcome that too at the same email address!