PREMIUM ARTICLE - Once you've worked through your emotions and figured out what advice you'll take, it's time to do the work!

Editing: How Amateurs Become Professionals - Part 2

When You Question Your Edits

How Do You Know What Editorial Advice to Take and What to Ignore?

Let’s take some time to address a big question I hear all the time: how do you know what advice to take from your editors and what you can ignore?

What this often comes down to is, “How far do you trust your editor? How well do you know your reader?” Try to take out of it the question of, “How confident are you in your book?” That question is always wrapped up in pride.

BUT…ideally, you know your readers better than anyone. (If not, you need to! We talk alllll about that in our Identity Marketing courses!) That means you know what will resonate and what won’t. Sometimes, that means sticking to your guns.


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