Identity Marketing
for Writers

You’re going to come across the phrase “identity marketing” a lot on the site. But…what is it?

In short, Identity Marketing is all about identifying WHO your ideal readers are and HOW you can serve them in the way only you can. What makes them your readers? What makes you their author?

Through all our articles and marketing classes, we aim to help you answer these key questions that will underscore every other marketing effort you make.

Our Identity Marketing Courses

Intro to Identity Marketing

    Want to test the concept out before you commit to an 8-week intensive? We recommend the 90-minute “Intro to Identity Marketing” single class to see what you think of the concept.

    • Complete but succinct summation of the Identity Marketing Concept
    • Upgradable to the full course—get the purchase price of the class taken off the course automatically

    Identity Marketing Multi-Part Course

    If you’re ready to REALLY dive in, then opt for the “Identity Marketing Multi-Part Course.” This 8-week intensive provides:

    • Weekly Video Lesson
    • Daily (M-F) freewriting prompts geared toward marketing
    • Daily (M-F) assignments
    • Handouts and quizzes to go along with each lesson
    • An Audience Blueprint Template (a $99 value!)

    The course covers topics like:

    • Identifying your own fears, hangups, and gut reactions
    • How to find your true fans and what to sell to them
    • How building consistency builds relationships
    • Using the Audience Blueprint to keep track of all your research
    • What Influencers really are and how to find them
    • How website and content development serve your readers
    • The roles newsletters and social media should play
    • How to Launch your book
    • What you should ALWAYS be doing, whether in a launch season or not


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