Four Roads Diverged


In today’s publishing climate, there are so many options that sometimes a writer just doesn’t know which is right for them. Vanity? Indie/self-publishing? Small press? Big publisher? As someone who has worked with all of these, I’ll break down the differences, highlighting the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision for YOU.


Hey there, aspiring writers, especially you beginners out there! I’ve got a class for you that I’m thrilled to introduce: “Four Roads Diverged.” As an author who’s experienced everything from small presses to big houses, I’ve got insider knowledge to share. I’ll provide you with an overview of the publishing world and give you an actionable roadmap to help you transform from a writer to an author. Be prepared to jump into topics from self-publishing to indie publishing and traditional publishing—yep, everything! And the best part? You’ll have access to personal Q&A sessions with yours truly. If you’re serious about your craft and have a burning desire to see your name on a book, this is where you need to be!
So, you’re considering taking my class, “Four Roads Diverged”, huh? That’s fantastic! But perhaps you’ve got some questions or concerns lurking in your mind. No problem at all! Let’s have a little chat.
First, you might be wondering what exactly you’re going to learn. Well, picture a roadmap guiding you through the many paths you could take as a writer. It’s not just about putting words on a page, my friend, it’s about understanding your options in the publishing world. I’ll lay it all out there for you—from self-publishing, indie, and vanity, to traditional publishing.
Now, maybe you’re feeling a little intimidated by the complexities of the publishing world. I get it. But, remember, I’ve been where you are and have experienced it all. I’ll share my wisdom, and even my blunders, so you can avoid those common beginner mistakes. Plus, with opportunities to participate in personal Q&As, you’ll get direct insights and answers straight from my experience.
Maybe you’re concerned that you don’t have a finished manuscript yet. Here’s a piece of advice, don’t even bother querying until you have one. And, through my class, you’ll gain the necessary tools to do just that: finish a book. Why? Because proving that you can finish it is essential. Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of folks who start a book but never cross the finish line.
Still, unsure how to get your foot in the door with big publishing houses? I’ve got you covered. We’ll delve into topics like query letters, proposals, and the ins and outs of working with agents. Plus, we’ll discuss the differences between solicited and unsolicited manuscripts, so you can navigate this industry like a pro.
And for those of you who are concerned about not having any writing credentials or a platform, no worries at all! All writers start somewhere, and I’m here to guide you through what you need to include in your bio, what to be ready with when pitching, and how to make a great impression, regardless of your background.
Through “Four Roads Diverged”, I promise to arm you with knowledge, provide real-world examples, and offer candid insights into the publishing industry. It’s a dynamic world, and I’ll help you find the publishing avenue that best suits your project. So, come on, embrace the excitement, and jump into this fantastic journey of becoming an author with me, Roseanna M. White.
Feel free to ask any questions. I’m always here and more than happy to chat about it!


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