More Than An Idea


We all have ideas that might be great books—but the inspiration is only step 1. This class takes you through turning that idea into a workable project, through hard work and even some emotional and spiritual growth.

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Looking to take your story from idea to a full-fledged novel? Let award-winning author Roseanna M. White guide you through her class, “More Than An Idea.” Perfect for beginner writers, Roseanna uses her warm, conversational style to help you understand how to cultivate your story, prune unnecessary elements, and ensure it grows into the strong, resonating work it’s meant to be. You’ll learn the vital skills of editing, structuring, and exceeding genre expectations, while never losing sight of the fact that some stories are written for personal growth, not publication.

Are you a budding writer with an idea you want to cultivate into a full-blown story? Look no further than “More Than An Idea,” a unique class taught by award-winning author Roseanna M. White. If you’re hesitant, unsure where to start or worried about how to make your writing bloom, this class is here to guide you through every stage of the process.

You may be wondering, “What if my writing isn’t good enough?” or “What if I don’t know how to edit?” Well, that’s where this class shines. Roseanna compares the writing process to tending a garden: pruning the unnecessary parts, weeding out the distractions, and nurturing the crucial elements to help your story grow. Fear not, editing may seem daunting, but Roseanna will equip you with the skills to handle it like a pro, ensuring your story flourishes.

Worried your ideas might not be perfect? Remember, even the best seeds don’t look like the final plant. In this class, you’ll learn to embrace the changes that your story will inevitably go through. You’ll be guided on how to cut off things you don’t need and add elements that will give your work a strong foundation and make it as effective as it needs to be.

Do you want to understand how to meet and exceed genre expectations? This is where Roseanna’s wisdom truly flourishes. She will guide you on how to satisfy your readers’ expectations and even exceed them, without constraining your creativity. If you’re worried about defining your own voice while respecting the genre, rest assured, you’ll learn how to master this balance.

And what if your goal isn’t publication? That’s okay. Sometimes, stories are meant to be personal, not public. Roseanna underscores the importance of writing as a medium for personal growth and discovery, even if the final output isn’t meant for the world to see.

Through “More Than An Idea,” you’ll come to understand the beauty of inspiration: it’s small when you get it, but with time, patience, and hard work, it transforms into something beyond what you initially envisioned. Don’t be constrained by your initial vision, but rather, allow yourself to break free and see what your story can truly become.

So, dive in, let Roseanna guide you, and see how your idea can grow into so much more.


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