The Insider’s View of Publishing


Ever wondered what an agent really does, or what the editorial process is like? Or why is takes a publisher a year or two to put out a book? In this class, I dissect the different parts of publishing and explain why each is important.


Hello there, fellow writers! I’m Roseanna M White, author and co-owner of a small press, with experience working with different houses and agents. If you’ve found yourself tangled in the thickets of the publishing industry, or perhaps standing at the edge, unsure of where to start, my class ‘The Insider’s View of Publishing’ is exactly what you need.

In this class, we’ll explore the behind-the-scenes journey of a manuscript as it becomes a book. We’ll meet all the players, from agents and editors to the wizards of marketing and those who balance the books. If you’ve ever wondered how an agent can be a powerful ally, or how acquisitions editors sift through the slush pile, we’ll delve into those mysteries together.

We’ll also step through the in-house editorial process. From developmental edits and your own revisions, to the magic of cover design and the all-important back cover copy. Ever wondered about the extras like catalogue copies and galleys? We’ve got that covered too.

But there’s more to publishing than just writing and editing, isn’t there? There’s that essential piece of the puzzle: marketing. You’ll learn about title selection, cover creation, how your book is positioned in the market, and the varied types of promotions. I’ll also guide you on your role in the marketing process, be it interviews, podcasts, or managing your social media presence.

With the rise of digital platforms, there’s a whole new technical side to publishing too. From managing listings with retailers to ensuring all information is accurate and updated, you’ll gain insights into this often overlooked aspect of publishing.

And lastly, but crucially, we’ll delve into the realm of sales and accounting. From tracking sales and returns to understanding market share, we’ll transform this potential minefield into a navigable landscape.

‘The Insider’s View of Publishing’ is not just a peek behind the curtain—it’s your all-access pass to the publishing industry. Whether you’re a fresh-faced author or an experienced writer looking to broaden your knowledge, I’m here to share my insider’s view, answering the questions you didn’t even know you had. Together, we’ll transform the publishing journey from an intimidating maze into an exciting adventure!


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