Fiction Rules… and When to Break Them


Great for beginners and intermediate writers, this class examines “The Rules” of modern fiction, why we should learn them, and when we get to chuck them out the window for the sake of our art.

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Hello there, budding storytellers! I’m Roseanna M. White, the author who’s learned a thing or two about weaving words into worlds. If you’re just starting on your writing journey or looking to fine-tune your skills, I’d love to introduce you to my class, “Fiction Rules and When to Break Them.” I promise, it’s not as rebellious as it sounds!

In this class, we delve deep into the “do’s and don’ts” of fiction writing, then dive even deeper to explore how and when you can creatively veer off these beaten paths. You’ll gain a profound understanding of the ‘whys’ behind writing rules, how to bend them artfully, and when to uphold them. This class is your ticket to crafting stories that not only meet reader expectations but exceed them, offering an experience that’s distinctly ‘you.’

Before you take my class, you might be wrestling with a few questions or concerns, wondering, “What if I’m too much of a newbie?” or “I’m not creative enough to break rules!” Don’t you worry, dear friend, this class is tailored with beginners in mind, and creativity? Well, it’s a muscle that we’re going to exercise together.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by the labyrinth of dialogue writing— who said what, and when, and how. In this class, we’ll dissect the anatomy of dialogue, exploring the power of simple tags and action beats. We’ll learn how to paint a vivid picture without overdoing “he said, she said,” keeping your reader engaged and never lost.

Are you wrestling with clichés, not sure when they’re your friend or your foe? Let me guide you on how to use clichés sparingly, twisting them to breathe fresh life into familiar phrases, adding depth to your characters, and authenticity to their dialogues. Yes, even clichés can be your allies when used right!

Perhaps you’re stumped on how to end chapters in a way that propels your readers through the pages. We’ll tackle that too! From action-packed cliffhangers to introspective epiphanies, we’ll explore a variety of hooks that keep your readers yearning for more, without feeling manipulated.

Worried about understanding and sticking to genre conventions? We will break down the golden rules for various genres and how you can twist them a little to stand out while still delivering what your reader desires. Remember, exceeding expectations is the name of the game!

And if you’ve heard mixed advice about prologues and epilogues, let’s demystify them together. We’ll discuss when these bookends can enhance your story and when they might just be an unnecessary detour.

In essence, “Fiction Rules and When to Break Them” isn’t just about mastering the art of storytelling, but about finding your unique voice within it. By the end of the class, you’ll have a treasure chest of techniques and the confidence to use them effectively. So let’s embark on this adventure of crafting stories that resonate, shall we? I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with you. Let’s write some splendid stories together!


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